The Cold Diary

Something is happening to Earth.  Everyone and everything is being affected.  Meet Robin Ward, mother of two, who is doing everything she can to protect her family against an extreme cosmic event.  This is her diary.


“…a chilling story with a stunning conclusion.  Loots has an eye for emotionally powerful detail.  You’ll be hooked from the first paragraph.”  
Mary Gottschalk
, author of Sailing Down the Moonbeam and A Fitting Place.

“The Cold Diary” is a story with an intimate feel, one woman’s experience with a world gone suddenly awry.”
Edward Wright, author of Clea’s Moon, From Blood, While I Disappear and Damnation Falls.

“The Cold Diary” is an original e-story, 28 pages, and available for download to all reading devices from the sellers listed below. You can also download a free reader app for your laptop or desktop from most of these sellers. The story may also be available at select public libraries. Please ask for it.

(The Cold Diary image is courtesy of NASA)