Storm Lake 

When the FBI needs to infiltrate a new militant group forming in the Pacific Northwest, the Bureau recruits the best man it can find for the job…and he’s not an agent.  He is Professor Michael Lund, a young academic expert on domestic terrorism and cults.  The one-time-only mission gives the tough and smart Lund a chance to fulfill a life-long dream of working within the intelligence community.  Lund has everything it takes to make his undercover assignment a success, but he could never have imagined the personal mission he was about to face.  His story unexpectedly intersects with that of Greta Myer, a woman on the run from a violent husband.  Together, they help each other in bringing their desperate stories to a resolution.

“Storm Lake is a strong debut with a different take on the FBI storyline.”
Ed Gorman, Shamus Award and Ellery Queen Award winner, Author of Fools Rush In.

“…it’s one fine debut novel by Alan Loots. Loots creates a small Iowa town that’s populated by believable characters and events. (He) delivers a nice narrative, has a real flair for dialogue that reads “spoken” instead of written, and develops some characters the reader can really care about. The Iowa native has done himself proud.”
The Cedar Rapids Gazette

“I couldn’t put it down. Storm Lake has a great premise and builds to a terrific ending.”
Susan Wasson, Bookworks, Albuquerque

“…it’s fast-moving, a smart thriller.”
Staff recommendation, Barnes & Noble, West Des Moines

“Storm Lake is an engaging thriller with a narrative rich in character, detail and suspense…a page-turner from the first chapter to the last.”
John Heitzman, owner, The Bookstore, Des Moines

“You owe me several nights sleep. I was up far past my bedtime reading
Storm Lake well into the night, having lost any willpower to put the darn thing down until I’d devoured the last page.”
Tim Johnson, Hollywood film director

(Thunder courtesy of National Oceanic & Atmospheric Adm.)